Saudi Crimes

There has been a great deal of breast-beating and tooth-gnashing lately over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi –admittedly a despicable crime — yet nary a peep over the regular murders of homosexuals, atheists, and apostates by that same House of Saud, nor their continuing holocaust in Yemen.

Are the “outrage-o-meters” of most Americans miscalibrated?
Or is it that Saudi Arabia is “America’s friend?”

But “America” has no friends, because “America,” as a cognitive actor, does not exist. Our occupation government has an agenda, and they have interests, and often the House of Saud and the Israeli Knesset and the British Parliament are aligned with those interests. Often the governments of Iran and Russia and Syria are not aligned with those interests; therefore they are “America’s enemies.”

The previous governments of Iraq and Lybia were not aligned with those interests, and paid heavily for their impudence. Unlike Hussein and Qadafi however, “Pecs” Putin has nukes, which gives our bankster owners pause.

Weights and Measures

Correspondent KM shows astonishing insight into the hearts of her adversaries as she writes that “the goal of English only advocates… [is] to create grounds for discrimination, based on racism,” rather than to promote clarity and cultural comity. Charges of racism have become all too common and all too tedious and all too meaningless of late, yet somehow they retain their pungent arrogant condescension. Or maybe she’s right. Anything to stop the hordes of Danes and Czechs and Letts and Swedes from diluting the rich caramel macchiato that is America today.

While the united States en masse have no official language, many of the individual States exercise their legislative prerogative and recognize English. Hawaii (at least) is officially bilingual. I wouldn’t put a lot of effort into promoting any sort of official action myself. I’d rather have the market cater to my whims than have the state push me around.

As a monolingual Anglophone, I’m naturally more comfortable with and adept at English, but irrespective of that, or of KM’s demerit for playing the race card, there does seem to be Constitutional authority for an official tongue. Congress has authority to establish uniform weights and measures, and language, at its base, is a measure of meaning.

They’re Leftists

First of all, I put quotation marks around “conservatives” and “libertarians” because, while I don’t necessarily agree that every so-called thus-and-so is actually practicing the philosophy he espouses, I generally get where they’re coming from.

Unless you’re connecting the thread that runs through John Locke and Thomas Jefferson and Calvin Coolidge, or if you’re comparing Vermont’s gun laws to Oregon’s drug laws, or New Hampshire’s income tax to Texas’ zoning laws, or you’re applauding Muhammad Ali’s and Ronald Reagan’s position on conscription, then you maybe don’t actually mean “liberal.”  Liberals are generous, open-minded, and predisposed to liberty.

If, on the other hand, you’re complaining about the hectoring scolds in the media, the interfering buttinskies at your local Department of Thumbtacks and Paperclips, or Californian collectivists now mandating the arrangement of genitalia under the big table in the board room, then you really mean “Leftist.”

It’s not precise, but Leftist has weight and history, and the advantage of being a close abbreviation (‘le’t’vist) of “collectivist” which, of course, is what they are.

Is “Soy Boy” a slur?

Would it be more polite perhaps to refer to “man-bun” bitches or the femineutered in general as “Acosta-farians” or “The Ansarian Section“?

It’s so hard to keep up.

update 181006: correspondent DE suggests that I might wish to be more careful about insulting people. She’s right, of course; the more people dislike the messenger the less receptive they are to the message. I do wish to get the message through, so I must remember how powerful this phenomenon is (id est, a jerk like me can’t possibly have anything interesting to say.)

I’m not very good at backing down or back-pedaling.
I am sorry, and I am also eager to clarify.

Any of the terms I’ve used above have the potential of ruffling the feathers of those committed to seizing offense from out of the hands of teasing fun, but the greatest danger appears to be “Acosta-farian.”

It is not my intention to besmirch the gentle Rasta whose sexuality remains unambiguous, nor to impugn those whose kinship to “Gallant Jim” Acosta is strictly accidental. (“In my heart, I know I’m funny.”)

I don’t believe I actually got an answer to the opening question.
The divination thereof might be an apt inferential exercise.
I’ll tuck it back for possible later revelation.

Drug War Casualties

Charlotte Elmore and other sufferers from chronic pain are wise to fear the lethal power of Ohio’s legislature. Though sufferers for generations have managed their pain with opiATEs, cannabis, chamomile, and alcohol. most such benign homegrown remedies have been prohibited by our merciful masters to make way for their sponsors’ artificial and toxic opiOIDs, which inflict further discomfort as they inhibit eliminatory efficacy. Of course, it’s all for the best; years of pharmaceutical industry research has shown that there is no clear link between homegrown remedies and hefty campaign contributions.

Drug dealers like me and my employer have even more cause to fret. If “it is appropriate to hold accountable those who dispense… drugs that can kill,” then should I and every other clerk at every other Quikk Stopp along the Interstate look forward to being jacked up by Mike DeWine’s legions of eager DAs for our contributions to emphysema, cancer, and bronchitis?

Fiat Free Fall

As Turks and Russians labor to bolster their respective currencies, to arrest their deterioration with respect to America’s Fe’ral Reserve “Dollar” I am reminded of sky-diver footage. They are all dropping, but from the perspective of Fe’RD, as Lira and Ruble trim their parachutes to slow their descent it looks to the camera like they might be coming back up. It’s just an illusion.

As long as the world’s faith-based fiat currencies are backed by political integrity rather than such “obsolete relic[s]” as silver or gold, their value will continue to descend. Unlike falling bodies, however, their approach to zero is more asymptotic, so it feels smoother and less dangerous for now, but the end of the ride can be just as catastrophic.

Jason’s Fault

Jason Williams, columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, claims that he is to blame for our egregious local poverty rate, and so are the rest of us. I endeavor to set him straight.

Mr Williams,

If you truly believe that you are “at fault for Cincinnati’s woeful poverty rate” then I hope you will feel free to enjoy your guilt. When you claim that because you have neglected to give enough you are responsible for the poverty rate, you give yourself too much credit. If we were to distribute your entire income among the indigent of all of Greater Cincinnatistan the difference would barely constitute a ripple.

If your larger point is that neither you nor the rest of us have done enough to help, and that by hectoring us you hope for us all to do more, then you should say as much.

To suggest that you or anyone else who hasn’t helped enough is culpable for poverty is ludicrous and insulting. Ethics are not algebraic. Not succoring is NOT the same as injuring. Otherwise, YOU would be responsible for killing my wife (long passed from complications of diabetes) for not providing the kidneys and pancreas that could have saved her sooner. Well… maybe you and she were poor tissue matches, so you’re off the hook for her. You killed some other innocent stranger instead.

See how twisted that is? I hope you continue to enjoy your ridiculous contrived artificial guilt, and if I can do anything to aggravate the condition let me know.


Smart phone and mine safety

Owners of Apple and Samsung “smart phones” can take pride in their contributions to the betterment of Congolese cobalt miners. The material properties of cobalt apparently make it a suitable heat sink for the energetic lithium batteries that many are now carrying. From our comfortable “First World” perspective of abundance, security, and opportunity we are readily appalled by the primitive work conditions and risks involved and we are quick to pity the struggling laborers in cobalt rich Kolwezi.

The (arguably) “well-meaning” left will campaign loudly and passionately for “fair trade,” “ethical sourcing,” and “environmental responsibility,” but they neglect their history. Every successful free market society is descended from earlier ages when things got cold and hungry a lot. Through hard arduous often dangerous work, free exchange, and capital accumulation, each society eventually achieved a level of affluence that allowed it to spend more on safety, leisure, health, and education.

Until then, people are going to go into the mines, and maybe even sell their safety equipment if they can get a good price for it. It often means the difference between eating or not. Clumsy attempts to “regulate” international markets, impose minimum wages, or otherwise restrict free association and free trade condemns millions to short and painful lives of penury and privation.

“Greedy capitalists” did not create child labor.
Hunger created child labor.
“Greedy capitalists” cure hunger.