Drug War Casualties

Charlotte Elmore and other sufferers from chronic pain are wise to fear the lethal power of Ohio’s legislature. Though sufferers for generations have managed their pain with opiATEs, cannabis, chamomile, and alcohol. most such benign homegrown remedies have been prohibited by our merciful masters to make way for their sponsors’ artificial and toxic opiOIDs, which inflict further discomfort as they inhibit eliminatory efficacy. Of course, it’s all for the best; years of pharmaceutical industry research has shown that there is no clear link between homegrown remedies and hefty campaign contributions.

Drug dealers like me and my employer have even more cause to fret. If “it is appropriate to hold accountable those who dispense… drugs that can kill,” then should I and every other clerk at every other Quikk Stopp along the Interstate look forward to being jacked up by Mike DeWine’s legions of eager DAs for our contributions to emphysema, cancer, and bronchitis?

Fiat Free Fall

As Turks and Russians labor to bolster their respective currencies, to arrest their deterioration with respect to America’s Fe’ral Reserve “Dollar” I am reminded of sky-diver footage. They are all dropping, but from the perspective of Fe’RD, as Lira and Ruble trim their parachutes to slow their descent it looks to the camera like they might be coming back up. It’s just an illusion.

As long as the world’s faith-based fiat currencies are backed by political integrity rather than such “obsolete relic[s]” as silver or gold, their value will continue to descend. Unlike falling bodies, however, their approach to zero is more asymptotic, so it feels smoother and less dangerous for now, but the end of the ride can be just as catastrophic.

Jason’s Fault

Jason Williams, columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, claims that he is to blame for our egregious local poverty rate, and so are the rest of us. I endeavor to set him straight.

Mr Williams,

If you truly believe that you are “at fault for Cincinnati’s woeful poverty rate” then I hope you will feel free to enjoy your guilt. When you claim that because you have neglected to give enough you are responsible for the poverty rate, you give yourself too much credit. If we were to distribute your entire income among the indigent of all of Greater Cincinnatistan the difference would barely constitute a ripple.

If your larger point is that neither you nor the rest of us have done enough to help, and that by hectoring us you hope for us all to do more, then you should say as much.

To suggest that you or anyone else who hasn’t helped enough is culpable for poverty is ludicrous and insulting. Ethics are not algebraic. Not succoring is NOT the same as injuring. Otherwise, YOU would be responsible for killing my wife (long passed from complications of diabetes) for not providing the kidneys and pancreas that could have saved her sooner. Well… maybe you and she were poor tissue matches, so you’re off the hook for her. You killed some other innocent stranger instead.

See how twisted that is? I hope you continue to enjoy your ridiculous contrived artificial guilt, and if I can do anything to aggravate the condition let me know.


Smart phone and mine safety

Owners of Apple and Samsung “smart phones” can take pride in their contributions to the betterment of Congolese cobalt miners. The material properties of cobalt apparently make it a suitable heat sink for the energetic lithium batteries that many are now carrying. From our comfortable “First World” perspective of abundance, security, and opportunity we are readily appalled by the primitive work conditions and risks involved and we are quick to pity the struggling laborers in cobalt rich Kolwezi.

The (arguably) “well-meaning” left will campaign loudly and passionately for “fair trade,” “ethical sourcing,” and “environmental responsibility,” but they neglect their history. Every successful free market society is descended from earlier ages when things got cold and hungry a lot. Through hard arduous often dangerous work, free exchange, and capital accumulation, each society eventually achieved a level of affluence that allowed it to spend more on safety, leisure, health, and education.

Until then, people are going to go into the mines, and maybe even sell their safety equipment if they can get a good price for it. It often means the difference between eating or not. Clumsy attempts to “regulate” international markets, impose minimum wages, or otherwise restrict free association and free trade condemns millions to short and painful lives of penury and privation.

“Greedy capitalists” did not create child labor.
Hunger created child labor.
“Greedy capitalists” cure hunger.



Dangerous Cults

What seems to inform Jews, Christians, and Muslims?

Neither the New World Testament ( or The Book of Mormon ) nor Lamb ( or The Gospel According to Biff) contradict Ye Olde Testament or The New Improved Testament any more than they already contradict themselves. I haven’t yet read the Koran so I’m unqualified to weigh in on that one, but judging from the behavior of many of its adherents I gather that it is a grimmer and grittier version of the original. Sort of like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight up against Adam West’s Gotham Guardian.

Marxism is a competing faith, as is statism more generally. They all seem to be of a kind — theism, statism, nationalism, socialism — and I lump them together as types of collectivism and self abnegation. Lefties all!

There is no such thing as a “Man Bun”…

..because a Man would never adorn himself so.

Okeh… a man (as opposed to a spider or a squirrel) can fuss over her hair any way she wants, but there is nothing manly about a Soy Boy Bun.  I shared some thoughts with (the great and wise) Tom Woods after enjoying his exchange with (the not quite as great or wise) Matt Welch.

Dr Woods apologized for not shaving, so…

I was sorry to learn of your discomfort. When I first learned about pseudo folliculitis barbae I thought it sounded like a gift. We were in Basic Training at the time, and some lucky stiffs were actually relieved of the duty of shaving every day (with note from Lieutenant Doctor Cutie, of course). I was assured by those carrying such passes that they would be delighted to trade places with me. The described mechanics of tight, dense, curly hair drilling itself into the skin does sound rather unpleasant. Still… Shaving is a grievous nuisance, and, I believe, an element of our masters’ grand scheme to infantilize and feminize the pack. So wiggle your whiskers proudly, men!

And take heart, Tom!
First, the sexy hairy Neanderthal look suits you.
Second, you’re apt to get a LOT more respect for your Pseudo Folliculitis Barbie than you would for your Man Bun Ken.

Kind Regards,
Gene Greigh