Audit the FED

Does Donald Trump use the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury Department to funnel funds to his friends in the Kremlin to support their shared anti-woman, anti-trans, anti-gay, anti-worker, anti-environmental, white supremacist agenda?

We may never know until we conduct a thorough and complete audit of the Fe’ral Reserve, find out how they framed Hillary, who’s funding Russian Collusion, what happened to America’s gold, and why the frogs are turning gay!

2 thoughts on “Audit the FED”

    1. It was intended to be both sincere AND sarcastic. Sincere insofar as yearning for an audit of the Fe’ral Reserve (at least!) and sarcastic in the I-stick-my-thumb-in-your-eye kind of way to lefties who reflexively suspect all things Trump. I’m sorry when I’m neither as clear nor as funny as I intend.
      But thanks for playing, please come again!

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