Frau Blucher Confirmed


On behalf of chickens, and other tormented souls, it is apt to repeat: ..the prospect of putting a Vixen in charge of Hen-House Security doesn’t inspire any more confidence than did any of the previous Fox Administrations. I understand that ardent Femicrats were eager to see Lady MacBubba bathing in blood instead of El Donaldo, and have now cast their hopes upon Gina (“Frau Blucher”) Haspel, but they continue to bark up a corrupt tree.
The Deep State doesn’t need “a woman’s touch,”
it needs shaped charges around its perimeter.


“I Give Thanks…”

<meta name=“description” content=“On the destruction of Western Civilization by its beneficiaries.”/> the CASUAL, as they never attempt to excuse their bad manners by claiming that they were actually intended discourteously.

..and to the IRONIC, as they never attempt to explain their bad jokes by claiming that they were actually intended stupidly.

“Give me…”

<meta name=“description” content=“On the destruction of Western Civilization by its beneficiaries.”/>

ISN’T ignorant, discourteous, or entitled. It’s, um…
Uh, well…
Groovy? Rad? Sick?
Hip? Gear? Boss?
Anyway, all the POPULAR kids are saying it!

The Stupid Non-crime of “Blackmail”

<meta name=“description” content=“On the continuing arrogance and ignorance of legislators.”/>

Stormy accepted 130 kilobucks to not talk. Then she talked. Now, while the notion of a hooker who won’t keep her mouth shut isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can raise some thorny issues.

I have been asked, “What’s the difference between blackmail and hush money?” That’s an easy one! Except for the WHO starts the ball rolling, there is no difference. If I offer cash for silence, it’s “hush money.” If you offer silence for cash, it’s “blackmail.” That’s it. The only significant difference is the direction of initiation.

All of the offenses surrounding the issue of blackmail are offenses irrespective of blackmail.

Murder is a crime in most societies so I have little sympathy for such “victims” of blackmail (nor have I much respect for such blackmailers, as their continued silence might constitute aid and comfort after the fact.)

Homosexuality is considered a “crime” in many societies, so if I were of such persuasion I might be a little more circumspect about what I reveal, much as I might be disinclined to shoot up heroin at the bus stop across the street from the police station.

Breech of confidence may be a “crime,” or at least cause for cancellation of a non-disclosure agreement.
It could be, at this point, that Stormy owes El Donaldo 130k.

Cui Bono?

Criminal investigations start with questions. Who could do this? Who would do this? Who profits most from this? Who profits least from this?

If I were Bashir Assad I would NOT want to unnecessarily annoy the US Government immediately after their President just pledged to withdraw his occupation from my country.

If I were selling missiles to FedGov I would want them to blow them up frequently and replace them from my stock. If I were an amoral politician receiving hefty campaign contributions from MissileCorp I would be eager to talk up reasons to blow things up in foreign lands. If I were an idealistic black operative I should be willing to sacrifice a few dozens for the “greater good.”

Do I believe that Bashir Assad would “gas his own people?” Yes. In Assad’s efforts to Preserve His Union, the body count is approaching Lincolnian Levels. He’s not apt to blanch at another few score corpses. Do I believe Assad did “gas his own people?” No. He has the most to lose from using poison gas in so public an arena.

Do I believe, as Mr Putin has suggested, that British Black Ops engineered the latest event at the behest of the US? No, but that doesn’t stop me from suspecting it. I don’t have access to sufficient evidence to conclude anything, but I believe least the occupation’s official line.

When a Secretary of State blithely opines that a half a million dead children is “worth it” in pursuit of foreign entanglements, when a President topples an oasis of secular stability in pursuit of phantom terrors, and when another Secretary of State cackles over a former client’s agonizing death, a hypothetical “Operation Northwoods Middle East” is not inconceivable.