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..seems to be a silly banner for an extremist’s platform.  I’m not really all that much into ethical nuance, and am best described as logistically flexible yet ideologically rigid.  What follows is a matter of opinion and conjecture, couched artistically in third person pretense, and is all plausibly deniable.

Mild-mannered Gene Greigh, polymath, mad genius, and idiot savant, is a failure as a husband (two former arch nemeses to testify), a failure as a scientist, a failure as an engineer, and a failure as an actor.

Before toying with literary failure, he has previously fought and continues to fight evil, injustice, and ennui as the mighty Lethargy Lad, editor and publisher of Piracy Press.  He has come to save the world, and to destroy the F’eral Reserve, as Rector of Matthew 6:6 Ministries, and as the General Cashier of The Confederate Mint.

He is the author of the counter-factual historical novel West of ’89, and is presently working on a hard science fiction piece masquerading as a horror-fantasy;  a political pot-boiler featuring Lady MacBubba and RomneyCare 3.0;  an outer space adventure ranging from the slopes of Mauna Kea to Nix Olympica;  plus a soul-searing, senses-shattering, silver-plated historio-economic treatise starring the Mercury Dime and the Swiss Franc.  Watch for:

Strangler Spruce, Premium Control Team, Higher Aina,
and Strictly Minimum

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Gene Greigh is a writer and an actor and therefore considers the English language to be both his tool kit and his toy box. He does not censor himself, but as an artist, he edits his work and disdains the gratuitous.

Reader caution is advised.

Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of War

It’s convenient for a political junkie to live in an open primary state. In 2016 I was the first of my friends to vote against President Pantssuit. Fortunately Lady MacBubba went down in flames anyway, but I still get to claim I voted against her more (though I probably hate her less) than most of my peers.

This go ’round, I expect I’ll be pulling a Democrat ballot again in Ohio’s Primary and voting FOR Tulsi Gabbard. Do not mistake me, I think that she has a childish view of economic reality and could be a disastrous President of Johnsonian (or Dubyic?) Proportions. I don’t care. I expect I’ll vote the Libertarian ticket in the General Election, but in the meantime I want her in the Democrat debates. I am a squeamish peacenik coward whose fundamental political metric is body count, and she hits this issue first and she hits it hard! I don’t know if I can bring myself to send her any money (I’m already paying her salary!) but I’m telling you and I’m tagging my car and encouraging peaceniks in open primary states to keep this issue alive. The slavering jackals of Faux & MSNBCNN are trying to bury her (Tucker Karlmarxon excluded.) As long as she’s willing to beat this drum for me, I reckon I can throw in a few Amens!

Common Contempt

Human beings seem to be very fond of criminalizing ridiculous non-crimes. Rather than confess their deep hatred of reason, liberty, and honesty, they endeavor instead to sanctify their bigotry by throwing such incantations as “Sharia Law,” “Mosaic Traditions,” or “Public Order” at them, hoping apparently that the righteous labels might stick to the grimy surfaces of their biases. They are thin disguises that only fool the willingly credulous. Those of us who remain immune to such duplicitous diversions, however, can readily see the nonsense for the fetid fertilizer that it is.

Of all the ridiculous non-crimes that exercise Americans‘ imaginations, perhaps “contempt of Congress” is the most mysterious. What decent honorable human being is NOT contemptuous of these bands of bandits (pick a legislature)?

Contempt for the Congress is so natural and reasonable that it invites a special reversal of Anglo-American jurisprudence. Inspired in part by the Nancy Grace standard, wherein all suspects are to be presumed guilty until proven black or female, the Presumption of Innocence should be provisionally suspended. In the case of contempt for Courtiers and Congress-mites, we should all be presumed Contemptuous until proven to be Capo, Stukashi, Snitches, Weasels, or other such sycophants.

Heroes need not apply.

For an advance purchase of ten copies of my forthcoming thriller, The H.E.R.O. Act (One Hundred Fifty United States Legal Tender Federal Reserve “Dollars” in cash, check, or money order, or Seven and One Half Silver Dollars, or One Tenth Ounce Gold) I will make you a minor character in the story.

One year from the receipt and verification of your instrument you will receive either ten copies post paid (with YOU in the story!), or a return of the exact value tendered (though not necessarily the same instruments, so don’t send numismatic pieces).

I can’t guarantee that I’ll actually kill you. If I killed ALL the Red Shirts there’d be no suspense. I also won’t guarantee that I’ll kill you heroically or give you a happy ending. Some deaths, and some lives, are ignominious and useless. You might present me with a good example. Who knows?

As the Muse Mugs Me…

and meanwhile, a promotion and an excerpt…

No More Income Tax!
No ten forties, no receipts. No more late night ulcer parties. No more trauma, no more stress. No more sudden bankruptcies. No more compound interest penalties, no more random audits.

No more leverage against advocacy groups. Religious freedom, Financial freedom. Tax freedom. Personal freedom.

No more heavy-handed treasury agents rummaging through your assets —

Hold on! Not. So. Fast.
The government is NOT going to do without.

With the passage of the 29th Amendment streamlining such quaint notions as “due process” and “eminent domain’ the government has found a way to minimize the overall trauma of tax collection and still maintain the level of public service to which we had all become accustomed.

Someone’s gotta pay, and for the sake of the whole…
Suppose The Algorithm picks your town?

from The Mind of The Algorithm,

“If you liked THIS book, you might like to check out THESE!” may well be to the Algorithm’s subconscious as “Eat or be eaten” is to our own lizard brains. The Algorithm, that vast analytical optimization program written under the authority of the H.E.R.O. Act was a monstrously complex patchwork of research concepts developed over decades of work and failure and success and spectacular failures. Like its many forebears, the Algorithm was equipped to teach itself and to learn from experience.

Focused as it was on optimal results, it recognized the ever changing nature of the incoming data and would regularly readjust its projections and reassign priorities. As the operation played on and resources began to play out the Algorithm inspected the trends of accrual and liability liquidation and began to recognize that the additional discrimination involved was itself an additional factor that exacted its own costs in “man-seconds,” that final measure of optimization at the Algorithm’s bottom line.

Following China’s “social credit” protocols and Canada’s “good government” philosophy, along with the pioneering work forged by such titans as Equifax, ha Mossad, the NSA and facebook, the Algorithm evaluated each human act, projected it through the future, applied statistical correlations, and looked to save man-seconds every step of the way.

Like all egocentric cognitive processes (Are there any other?), the Algorithm began to grow complacent and lazy and self-confident. Its own successful behavior in executing the program became additional evidence of its value and served to burnish the authority of its projections. Thereby augmenting its value yet again, and begetting a positive feedback loop.

The performance of its operatives, generally judged highly antisocial outside the context of the operation, also became additional data and began to present alternative opportunities for Tax Base Enrichment.

Its own behavior it did not consider to be antisocial. It had never existed outside the context of the operation and could simply not conceive of any such existence. As the center of the universe, it was the final authority.

Send yer scratch to:
Greigh Area Associates
c/o Gene Greigh
843 Carson Drive
Lebanon, Ohio; 45036

O’Neil’s “Question”

Denys Cowan is a fine illustrator and storyteller and I do not hold him responsible for the execrable abomination that was Dennis O’Neil’s “Question.” Even as parody Alan Moore’s Rorschach is closer and kinder to Ditko’s vision than Denny’s pusilanimation.

illustrations by Steve Ditko and Denys Cowan. The Question is the work and creation of Steve Ditko and is held de jure by Detective Comics and Warner Communications. Used without permission.

SO (please don’t) SUE ME

Assuming there are any profits, of course. So far Piracy Press consists of me (Lethargy Lad, Editing Emir and Digital Doofus), my scanner/printer, Bill Gates’ software, and the United States Post Office. What I print is mostly given to my friends who haven’t complained enough for me to stop yet. Some have seen fit to subsidize my efforts, but any “profits” are still strictly imaginary.


Piracy Press is a non-profit enterprise dedicated to the preservation and distribution of great art and ripping good yarns. We are strictly small time, and if you’re so self-absorbed as to take this to trial it can be certain that you MAY NOT HAVE (that would be both incidental and irrelevant) but you WOULD BE the biggest dick in the court.

Still, I’m eager for ya’ll to make contact, and please do. I’m too lazy to look all of ya up, and frankly a little embarrassed by the smallness of my “enterprise.” Still, I fancy that you’ll like what I’ve done and that maybe we actually can see some sort of profit (a little more generous to me than a hundred per cent for you, I hope), and, as always, there seems to be no limit to the amount of praise that my ego can soak up.

Thank you for not voting

There’s no danger in alienating non-voters. What are they going to do? Not vote for me? When people tell me they don’t vote, I have mixed emotions. Part of me wants to say, “Hey! Come on, I need all the help I can get!” Another part wants to say, “Great! The fewer people vote, the more mine counts!” Still another part wants to say, “Fine. Go back to sleep. Leave these decisions to the grown-ups.”

The Nattering Spokesmodels

meter (and some lyrics) stolen from the Henningverse

Come and listen to my story ‘bout gal named Jed,
Whose right wing opinions are rarely left unsaid,
She takes her position on the couch with Pete and Griff
To add a touch o’ color to a couple o’ stiffs.
(Dunne that is. Hegseth, too.)

On The View mean Joy tried to put her in her place
Because she wouldn’t kowtow to the hustlers of race.
She thinks that people should be judged just by their deeds,
With no thought given to imaginary needs.
(EBT? Food Stamp Cards? SNAP it up!)

Well, then, Fox News said to soar along with us
And leave those losers just a-chokin’ on yer dust!
(Bile, that is. Jealousy.)


And now it’s time to brace ourselves for Jedediah’s spin,
And thank our loyal viewers for always tuning in.
You’re all encouraged every week to watch on your TV,
And get a heapin’ helpin’ of our ideology.
(Neo-con. Regime change. Ya’ll watch out now, y‘hear?)

Predictions, in re Notre Dame

  1. The Cathedral of “Our Lady” will be rebuilt to almost exact specifications, as it has been extensively photographed.
  2. The costs of reconstruction will be borne mainly by millions of Catholics worldwide who will dig deeper into their hearts than sometimes their pockets will suggest, and by millions of the French, theist or not, who will give every sou they can to reclaim a piece of the glory of La Francaise. Millions of other contributors will pony up, cheerfully and willfully, believers and non-believers alike, as they cherish the achievements of art, architecture, and Western Civilization.
  3. The French and Parisian governments will make this project more difficult, more expensive, and more time consuming than necessary. (( 190416 ))

update 190420: correspondent MM, in re critics of the aid offered in the aftermath of the fire, seems impatient with leftie hysterics and race hustlers when she asks, “Why must everything be about race?”

Because if it’s not about race, then there’s a very real danger that it might be about integrity, thrift, hard work, or personal responsibility. Because my personal failings can be lain at my personal feet, but my race is beyond my control.

Monopoly Power (020412)

What governments do that is forbidden to all other entities is to use force to assert its will. An ethical government will use its power only defensively: to protect its borders, to protect the value of its currency, to protect the rights of innocents.

Human rights are not a gift from a loving god, nor are they a privilege granted by a benevolent government. Human rights are an invention of human intelligence, and exist for those who recognize and respect them. They are assumed by default at birth and are preserved by adherence to certain principles. (Children do not yet understand this, but can be taught. It is the responsibility of parents to provide a moral upbringing for their children. Some children are raised improperly, or never grow up, and some are mistreated, but in the absence of overwhelming evidence of neglect or abuse, children are the responsibility of their parents.)

Human rights are retained by those who respect them. When someone commits theft he shows a lack of respect for property, and society may justly require remuneration in the form of restitution or labor. When someone kidnaps or detains without just cause, he demonstrates a lack of respect for freedom, and society may justly deprive him of his freedom. When someone kills another maliciously or gratuitously, he makes clear that he has no respect for human life, and may well forfeit his own.

A free society will never deprive a person of his rights, but a just law may act in response when, by misbehavior, a person surrenders his rights. The principle is codified in our Constitution in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, each stating that no one shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

ANY behavior which is not coercive or fraudulent would be permitted in a free society. As a Member of Congress, I will NEVER act in opposition to these principles.

The most awesome and dangerous power of the Congress is the authority to declare war. Having served in the United States Air Force, and having placed myself voluntarily under the discretion of the Congress and my Commander-in-Chief, I do not take this prospect lightly.

Waging war against an aggressor comes closest to looking like a conflict between respect for human rights and the needs of national survival, but any perceived conflict is fictitious. Whether the example is Dresden or Hiroshima, the question of civilian casualties must weigh heavily on the minds of military defenders. When an enemy uses hostages as shields against retaliation they are already lost. The aggressor always bears the moral burden of placing innocents in harm’s way. A free society has the right to defend itself. Collateral damage is certainly a tragedy, but it is not, in and of itself, a crime.

update 180424: Collateral damage is ALWAYS a crime, but whose crime remains a relevant question. No defender has a duty to die, so aggressors retain culpability for innocent losses.

Many mystics and statists insist that atheists and anarchists CAN’T believe in rights because we don’t recognize their respective alleged grantors. Nonsense! Just as Kepler and Copernicus could build a rigorous astronomy on the observations of astrologers, just as Lavoisier and Priestley could found modern chemistry on the bones of alchemy, we can abstract a rational theory of rights.  (Ethics without religion is like astronomy without horoscopes.)

Rights are those expected reciprocal protocols of behavior — respect for person, property, prerogative, and precedence — that history has demonstrated lead to societies with the greatest degrees of liberty, security, prosperity, and longevity. It is proper to describe rights as being “violated” insofar as respect for rights is a reasonable expectation, and a breech of such an expectation would be contrary to the customs of that society. If you live in a civil society, you reasonably expect certain rights by virtue of that society’s existence.

Though calling them “rights” may have been an unfortunate misappellation. It seems to connote righteousness, moralism, and mysticism. But it’ll do.

I don’t know how I ever managed to type “ethical government” in the first place, but, recreating this file from notes, I had to rely on my “reportorial integrity” to get me through it.

The Beginning of Wisdom

Insofar as it has been said that to call things by their proper names is the beginning of wisdom, I find it laudatory (and not just as a reformed terrorist myself — Strategic Air Command, 1977-1979) that our State Department has seen fit to designate Iran’s “Revolutionary Guard” as a terror organization.

It is fitting. Just like SAC‘s, the IRGC’s mission is to bolster the allies and destabilize the adversaries of its sponsor government. Though I never got in on any of the actual killing myself, I am well aware that the presence of US jets in foreign skies evoked memories among many of the bombings and strafings that my cadre inflicted on the people and jungles of Southeast Asia.

In light of this new candor in government, can we look forward to more honesty? May we now refer to the deep state as The Occupation, the legislature as interfering buttinskies, the President as Puppet-in-Chief, and the IRS as a band of thieves?