There is no such thing as a “Man Bun”…

..because a Man would never adorn himself so.

Okeh… a man (as opposed to a spider or a squirrel) can fuss over her hair any way she wants, but there is nothing manly about a Soy Boy Bun.  I shared some thoughts with (the great and wise) Tom Woods after enjoying his exchange with (the not quite as great or wise) Matt Welch.

Dr Woods apologized for not shaving, so…

I was sorry to learn of your discomfort. When I first learned about pseudo folliculitis barbae I thought it sounded like a gift. We were in Basic Training at the time, and some lucky stiffs were actually relieved of the duty of shaving every day (with note from Lieutenant Doctor Cutie, of course). I was assured by those carrying such passes that they would be delighted to trade places with me. The described mechanics of tight, dense, curly hair drilling itself into the skin does sound rather unpleasant. Still… Shaving is a grievous nuisance, and, I believe, an element of our masters’ grand scheme to infantilize and feminize the pack. So wiggle your whiskers proudly, men!

And take heart, Tom!
First, the sexy hairy Neanderthal look suits you.
Second, you’re apt to get a LOT more respect for your Pseudo Folliculitis Barbie than you would for your Man Bun Ken.

Kind Regards,
Gene Greigh

Rector Lawrence on Shariah Law

Americans are generally adept at heaping scorn on Shariah Law. We are horrified when innocent acts (like the doffing of a head scarf, or the quaffing of a cold brew) that injure or defraud none are treated as if they are affronts to a loving god. We are right to be dismayed at the prospect of twenty months in stir for the “crime” of exposing one’s head to the sky, but fail to heed Rabbi Yeshua’s admonition (Matthew 7:5) to first cast the beams from our own eyes before attending to motes in others’.

We should be offended by the harshness of Iranian Law. We should also be offended by the murder of Peter McWilliams. McWilliams died a painful and lingering death from non-Hodgkins lymphoma after he was denied access to medicinal cannabis by the occupation government. We should be offended by every otherwise peaceful productive pothead and prostitute squandering tax monies in stir.

Like the attendees to the Sermon on the Mount, we are much better at identifying the errors of others than our own.

Rector Lawrence
Matthew 6:6 Ministries