Phenomenal Failures

Based on Mr Trump’s nomination of John Bolton to be his nationalist insecurity advisor, there seems to be a bright future in government “service” ahead for MCM Project Executive Leonor Flores.

Of course, the deaths of six Floridian motorists due to the failure of her pedestrian bridge (designed to the specifications of a woman’s “different perspective”) pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of corpses piled up by Operation Iraqi Cakewalk. Still, she seems to be on the right track. There is very little that government loves more than failure — except perhaps “good intentions.”

She’ll have to follow Mr Bolton’s career path, I suppose. Perhaps a few years as Fox News’ “Engineering Safety Consultant” will prepare her for taking on Mr Trump’s Border Boondoggle. After all, that’s what the Berlin Wall was missing, right? The woman’s touch?

Meaningless Comparison

If necessary, I will use my gun to protect my kid (and maybe yours, too.)

Your house and your car and your savings account are all probably worth more than my gun, too. So what? I expect you also think your kid is worth more than your house, your car, and your back account combined. You blather on about how no price is too high if it saves just one child. Really? No price? What about two children? “Marching for Life,” passionate grief, earnest resolve, and sincere expression all make for entertaining video, but they are poor substitutes for sober discourse.

Let’s dial back the histrionics a bit and agree that nobody (except for twisted nihilist punks and John Bolton) want to see more dead children. The question is, how best to secure their safety? Responsible grownups assess the dangers, and try to make rational choices, often balancing countervailing factors. You love your kid, and to protect him from rogue truckers crashing through the house you’re going to build a concrete wall around your property. Right?

Are you kidding me? No way! Who could afford such a thing? And it would be an eyesore blight on the neighborhood, too! What’s that going to do to my property value?

So are you telling me that your kid ISN’T worth more than your bank account or your house? Of course you aren’t. You’re just making a reasoned assessment of the risks and rewards, and settling on optimal solutions. Instead of bunkering down next to the Interstate, you live in a quieter neighborhood, and you teach your children traffic safety.

Well, it works the same way with guns. Multiple shooters who are stopped by armed civilians on the scene generally accomplish less carnage than those stopped by The Authorities. Of course, the leftie media won’t report THAT, because it doesn’t support their agenda. Besides, the greater the body count, the greater the ratings.

Final notes:
“My kid is worth more than your kid” is believed by every parent who is not a true communist or an insect. If you disagree you are not a parent. Or you are a liar. Or a fool.
In John Bolton’s defense, the only dead children he desires to see (so far), are Korean, Persian, and Syrian. Not directly of course, but (like Madeleine Albright) he accepts the collateral damage as “worth it” to his imperial designs.

Fake Courage

Perhaps I miss Byron McCauley’s point. (“’March for Our Lives’ kids are so brave”, Enquirer, 24 March)

He goes on at length about the unremarkable abundance of visible guns during his (and my) youth, and wonders why there are so many MORE senseless attacks by nihilistic punks today when the very sight of a gun is enough to give leftie hysterics palpitations. He never does address this, and neither will I.

Maybe he’d be willing to clear something up. What exactly is “brave” about participating in an officially sanctioned popular expression of politically correct anguish? When all the cool kids are praising you for agreeing with them, you are not “brave,” you are a robotic stooge.

Adventures in Bad Lyrics, volume seven

Okeh, here‘s the set-up: “Take me to New York…
And the delivery: “I’d love to see L.A.

Hang on. Does that agree? I may have missed something. Until that girl learns a little geography, she’s bound for bitter disappointment.

If she were to say things like…
Take me to the Louvre, I’d love to groove on art…”
“Take me to the zoo, I want to see the chimps…” or
“Take me back to Frisco, want to see the bay…”
She’d be making some sort of sense. Instead, she may as well ask,
“Take me to Nebraska, want to see the sea…” or
“Lock me in a dungeon so that I’ll be free…”

Furthermore, she gets demerits for constant repetition of “American boy” as well as ethical demerits for even suggesting that a girl needs an American (or any other) boy to get her out of her native village and into the big bad world. Isn’t shifting for oneself one of the hallmarks of adulthood?

On Behalf of Drug Dealers

I have to take issue with Mr Trump’s proposal to kill drug dealers.

Since I keep myself in groceries and electricity through my involvement in organized gambling, drugs, and extortion (I sell beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets at the Quikk Stopp by the Interstate, where I am also obliged to collect “sales taxes”) I feel that I am being unjustly targeted.

I know that emphysema and cancer and cirrhosis of the liver and chronic poverty are all serious issues, but I don’t force any of my products onto any of my clientele. Nor, I suspect, do any other successful merchants. Free trade happens only when each party perceives himself to be better off after the transaction. Issues of fraud or misrepresentation can be handled separately, and are in no way a function of the product itself.

We have decades of evidence now demonstrating that Jim Beam and Seagram’s continue to NOT shoot it out over turf.
There is no drug so destructive as prohibition itself.

Affirmative Reaction

Which is more disastrous? Putting a “wise latina” on the Supreme Court, or putting an educated latina in charge of the engineering firm tasked with developing innovative pedestrian bridge designs?
Were six Floridian motorists just killed by affirmative action?
These are not conclusions, these are QUESTIONS.

If the latina in question is the most qualified ENGINEER available, then neither her genitalia nor her ethnic heritage are relevant considerations. But if she was merely the most qualified from an artificially reduced field of candidates, then that left potentially superior candidates passed over, and that ill serves engineering, safety, AND sanity. The optimist wishes to believe that she got the job based strictly on her technical qualifications, but the cynic suspects that the State of Florida is beholden to contemporaneous sensibilities and found her to be more demographically suitable than her paler, betesticled competitors. Do you want the girl who’s better than 95% of the guys, or do you want the engineer who’s better than ALL the others?

Unfortunately, MCM Project Exec Leonor Flores makes rather a big to do about bringing a woman’s “different perspective” into her trade, as if that makes the slightest bit of difference to compressive strength, wind loading, or material fatigue. If it turns out the cynic is more right than the optimist, perhaps Ms Flores might seek refuge from the insensitive math of engineering in the progressive protection of Google.

The racist* Walter Williams has often expressed his appreciation of the fact that he took his degrees before the institution of Affirmative Action called into question the accomplishments of all the boosted “beneficiaries.”

Gender norming, cultural norming, and affirmative action are all offenses to decency and responsibility, as they turn the focus from WHAT is accomplished to WHO is attempting it. If I’m overcome by smoke in a high rise fire, I don’t care what the firefighter is packing between his legs, as long as he can throw me over his shoulder and carry me down the six flights of stairs to safety. If my rescuer turns out to be Lady Brienne or Xena the Warrior Princess then I am singing her praises, but if Steve Buscemi or Paul Reubens show up instead, then I am kissing my ass goodbye.

So it’s possible that Ms Flores IS a decent engineer, and that she was betrayed by her contractors, or her suppliers, or who knows what yet. Disasters like these are the stuff of engineers’ nightmares, and I do not intend to diminish her concerns, nor too hastily impugn her integrity. However, engineers (and Supreme Court judges) handle matters of life and death, and no sane or humane person would want to put anyone into such a position solely to satisfy a quota.

(* Walter Williams would likely be denounced as a racist, were it not for his deep chestnut complexion, for stating such obvious facts as: the greatest danger to young black men in the inner city is other young black men, a child has a better chance of surviving to adulthood and staying out of jail if his parents are married, you are more likely to do well in life if you delay having children until AFTER you are employed, and big cities run by Negro Democrats go broke.)

On Behalf of the Chickens…

..I have to say that the prospect of putting a Vixen in charge of Hen-House Security doesn’t inspire any more confidence than did any of the previous Fox Administrations. I understand that ardent Femicrats were eager to see Lady MacBubba bathing in blood instead of El Donaldo, and have now cast their hopes upon Gina (“Frau Blucher”) Haspel, but they continue to bark up a corrupt tree.
The Deep State doesn’t need “a woman’s touch,”
it needs shaped charges around its perimeter.

Don’t Touch My Junk (w/ John Tyner)

Well get your hands off my pants unless you plan on making love
Don’t touch my junk…

I’m not a fan of your scans, but without help from God above,
You won’t touch my junk…

I wanna fly through the skies without fear of harrassment,
And no I’m not impressed with yer professional detachment,
Yer gropin’ up my thigh provokes a natural reaction,
Don’t touch my junk!

I want to fly to the west when my trip commences,
With my self respect and my common senses,
(You don’t need to know if I am on my menses),
Don’t want irradiated and don’t want molested,
Don’t touch my junk!

I think them porno portals are carcinogenic,
The latex on yer fist don’t make you a medic,
So git yer mitts off my sweet stuff,
You’re givin’ me a headache,
Don’t touch my junk!

* * * * * * advertisement * * * * * *

Firehair, Bat Lash, Pow Wow Smith, El Diablo, and Johnny Thunder are all properties of Detective Comics and Warner Communications.  Their images are reproduced by Piracy Press for purposes of analysis and scholarship.  If anything, their use here constitutes free advertisement for DC‘s properties at the considerable expense of Piracy Press and Greigh Area Associates.

Private Discrimination

Dick’s Sporting Goods answers to Dick’s Sporting Goods, and thereby is entitled to stipulate whatever terms of service they wish. I disapprove of this particular campaign — refusing to sell certain “scary” guns to people under twenty-one — as I believe it is but another step in the progressive infantilization of the American people.

Nevertheless, it’s Dick’s shop and if they want to discriminate, so be it. At least they have the courtesy to let us know up front so many of us now know where NOT to shop. As stand-up comic Jimmy Pak ( or was that Billy Park? I apologize to his whole family for misremembering) once said, “[I’d rather pass by a Gooks Not Welcome sign than have some moron piss in my soup ’cause he’s got issues.]”