Private Discrimination

Dick’s Sporting Goods answers to Dick’s Sporting Goods, and thereby is entitled to stipulate whatever terms of service they wish. I disapprove of this particular campaign — refusing to sell certain “scary” guns to people under twenty-one — as I believe it is but another step in the progressive infantilization of the American people.

Nevertheless, it’s Dick’s shop and if they want to discriminate, so be it. At least they have the courtesy to let us know up front so many of us now know where NOT to shop. As stand-up comic Jimmy Pak ( or was that Billy Park? I apologize to his whole family for misremembering) once said, “[I’d rather pass by a Gooks Not Welcome sign than have some moron piss in my soup ’cause he’s got issues.]”

The Greigh Area…

..seems to be a silly banner for an extremist’s platform.  I’m not really all that much into ethical nuance, and am best described as logistically flexible yet ideologically rigid.  What follows is a matter of opinion and conjecture, couched artistically in third person pretense, and is all plausibly deniable.

Mild-mannered Gene Greigh, polymath, mad genius, and idiot savant, is a failure as a husband (two former arch nemeses to testify), a failure as a scientist, a failure as an engineer, and a failure as an actor.

Before toying with literary failure, he has previously fought and continues to fight evil, injustice, and ennui as the mighty Lethargy Lad, editor and publisher of Piracy Press.  He has come to save the world, and to destroy the F’eral Reserve, as Rector of Matthew 6:6 Ministries, and as the General Cashier of The Confederate Mint.

He is the author of the counter-factual historical novel West of ’89, and is presently working on a hard science fiction piece masquerading as a horror-fantasy;  a political pot-boiler featuring Lady MacBubba and RomneyCare 3.0;  an outer space adventure ranging from the slopes of Mauna Kea to Nix Olympica;  plus a soul-searing, senses-shattering, silver-plated historio-economic treatise starring the Mercury Dime and the Swiss Franc.  Watch for:

Strangler Spruce, Premium Control Team, Higher Aina,
and Strictly Minimum


for a detailed peek at the world of West of ’89 see my display case at

or, in  other words,

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An “About page”

This site features the work of Gene Greigh.

It consists of:
Excerpts from works of fiction (published and in progress).
Commentary on matters personal, cultural, political, and historical.
(Much of it is intended to be humorous. It is all sincere.)

The point of view is empirical and libertarian.

Gene Greigh is an anarchist and an atheist,
with many friends of archist and/or theist persuasions.

Gene Greigh is a writer and an actor and therefore considers the English language to be both his tool kit and his toy box. He does not censor himself, but as an artist, he edits his work and disdains the gratuitous.

Reader caution is advised.

Frau Blucher Confirmed


On behalf of chickens, and other tormented souls, it is apt to repeat: ..the prospect of putting a Vixen in charge of Hen-House Security doesn’t inspire any more confidence than did any of the previous Fox Administrations. I understand that ardent Femicrats were eager to see Lady MacBubba bathing in blood instead of El Donaldo, and have now cast their hopes upon Gina (“Frau Blucher”) Haspel, but they continue to bark up a corrupt tree.
The Deep State doesn’t need “a woman’s touch,”
it needs shaped charges around its perimeter.


“I Give Thanks…”

<meta name=“description” content=“On the destruction of Western Civilization by its beneficiaries.”/> the CASUAL, as they never attempt to excuse their bad manners by claiming that they were actually intended discourteously.

..and to the IRONIC, as they never attempt to explain their bad jokes by claiming that they were actually intended stupidly.

..and to the INDIFFERENT, as they never never go out of their way to explain how little they care, because they don’t actually care whether you know it or not.

“Give me…”

<meta name=“description” content=“On the destruction of Western Civilization by its beneficiaries.”/>

ISN’T ignorant, discourteous, or entitled. It’s, um…
Uh, well…
Groovy? Rad? Sick?
Hip? Gear? Boss?
Anyway, all the POPULAR kids are saying it!

The Stupid Non-crime of “Blackmail”

<meta name=“description” content=“On the continuing arrogance and ignorance of legislators.”/>

Stormy accepted 130 kilobucks to not talk. Then she talked. Now, while the notion of a hooker who won’t keep her mouth shut isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can raise some thorny issues.

I have been asked, “What’s the difference between blackmail and hush money?” That’s an easy one! Except for the WHO starts the ball rolling, there is no difference. If I offer cash for silence, it’s “hush money.” If you offer silence for cash, it’s “blackmail.” That’s it. The only significant difference is the direction of initiation.

All of the offenses surrounding the issue of blackmail are offenses irrespective of blackmail.

Murder is a crime in most societies so I have little sympathy for such “victims” of blackmail (nor have I much respect for such blackmailers, as their continued silence might constitute aid and comfort after the fact.)

Homosexuality is considered a “crime” in many societies, so if I were of such persuasion I might be a little more circumspect about what I reveal, much as I might be disinclined to shoot up heroin at the bus stop across the street from the police station.

Breech of confidence may be a “crime,” or at least cause for cancellation of a non-disclosure agreement.
It could be, at this point, that Stormy owes El Donaldo 130k.