Approximately Ninety-nine per cent…


..of the time, the way you swing your wing wang is the least interesting thing about you. Of course, when it is interesting it’s REALLY INTERESTING,. Ideally, that’s for a select audience, so it’s generally best kept to oneself.

..of the efforts of today’s “conservatives” is spent protecting the leftie progressive gains opposed by yesterday’s “conservatives.” This is why it is so important to vote for Republicans™ — so Dubya (BHWB43) can get a Chief Justice on the bench to protect federalized RomneyCare (2.0). Other crimes to which modern “conservative” Republicans™ are accessories after the fact: the Income Tax, Prussian-style government indoctrination (a.k.a. “public education”), Social(ist) “Security”, and the F’eral Reserve.

..of all job applications were an ultimate waste of time, but only ninety per cent of job interviews. Math majors may chime in here.


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